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Foundation Year

Foundation Overview

In Foundation our learning will be based around the topic of “Are we there yet?’ How many parents are familiar with that saying when on a long or even short journey? We will be thinking about how we travel to places near and far.

We will be learning how people travelled in the past (and if we have time how we might travel in the future.) Our topic will be launched with a wheels day when the children will be able to bring in a wheeled toy from home and spend some time at school using it.

In F1 they will be finding out and exploring familiar vehicles and then moving on to less familiar and unusual means of transport. They will ask parents in on Wednesday 21st March to help their child to create a vehicle together.

The F2 children will going in small groups up to the High street to conduct a traffic survey. We also want the children will have an opportunity to make a vehicle for a special toy and we ask parents to support their child in this activity at home. F2 will hold an exhibition on Wednesday 21st March so you can view all of their marvellous creations.

Many thanks to all parents in Foundation for your help in supporting your child’s learning at home – and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.