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E-Safety At Cedars

At Cedars we fully embrace the innovations and exciting advances of technology. We use information technology in all aspects of our daily lives, in a variety of forms, computers, mobile phones, games consoles and so on. The products of the age in which we live. Children use the technology fearlessly and in many cases for significant amounts of time. So, in the same way that we teach our children how to cross the road safely, we need to teach our children how to navigate the super highway.

Our computing curriculum involves a high level of e-safety awareness for both Key Stage 1 children (based around the characters of Kim and Lee) and Key Stage 2 children (Kidsmart). We have an agreed programme that teaches the children how to be safe online and to be aware of hazards. Materials for our programme are based around those provided by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Service (CEOPS) and Kidsmart.

The children learn a simple mantra adopted from the Click Clever! Click Safe! campaign – ‘Zip it! Block it! Flag it!’

We encourage parents to make themselves aware of e-safety issues such as cyber bullying, social networking, chat rooms, gaming, downloading music and so on. We hope that the attached links will be of interest to parents and carers so that they might develop an understanding of how they can best keep their children, and themselves, safe online.  From time to time the school runs E-safety Awareness parents sessions. Please do try to come along to one of those.

Please click on the link below to view the Parent Info website, which has articles regarding online safety for children:

Parent Info Website