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Year 6 Residential Visit

The children are now on their journey home. We are expecting them to arrive at 3.45pm, if this differs a message will be sent out. The coach will arrive by the greengrocers on the High Street/Market Hill, you can collect your child from there. If you are not able to collect from that point the children will be brought back to school and will be dismissed from the playground, unless you have informed us otherwise.

Update – Friday 19th May at 11.30am

Some more photos of the activities the children have been taking part in.

IMG_0950 IMG_0949

IMG_0946 IMG_0945

IMG_0944 IMG_0943

IMG_0942 IMG_09411

IMG_09401 IMG_09391


Update – Friday 19th May at 9am

It is a wet morning at Caythorpe today!  The children have a morning full of activities to enjoy, including; aeroball, trapeze, orienteering and problem solved.  Everyone is packed up and ready to go home after lunch.  Below are some photos of the activities yesterday:

IMG_09341 IMG_09331

IMG_09301 IMG_09291

IMG_09271 IMG_09241

IMG_09231 IMG_09221

IMG_09201  IMG_09151

IMG_09101 IMG_091811

IMG_09081 IMG_09071

IMG_08981 IMG_08881

IMG_08701 IMG_08671

IMG_08631 IMG_08611


Update – Thursday 18th May at 9.30am

The sun is shining in Caythorpe today instead of rain! The children have an action packed day planned with the following activities; zip wire, all aboard, aeroball, challenge course and team sports.


Update – Wednesday 17th May at 3pm

The children have been having fun raft building in the rain, please see the pictures below.

IMG_08591  IMG_08581

IMG_08571 IMG_08561



Update – Wednesday 17th May at 9am 

It looks as though it is going to be a wet day at Caythorpe Court today!  The children have had a good night’s rest and are ready for an action packed day of raft building, abseiling, orienteering and trapeze.  Below are some photos of the fencing yesterday:

IMG_08511 IMG_08491

Update – Tuesday 16th May at 1pm

Please see below for a picture of some of the children taking part in climbing, the motto has been “Knuckles to pocket, reach round and lock it!”.



Update – Tuesday 16th May at 9am

The children have all had a good nights sleep and enjoyed a yummy breakfast. The activities today include archery, Jacob’s ladder, survivor, fencing and challenge course. A full day ahead!


Update – Monday 15th May at 4pm

The children have arrived safely at their destination. They have unpacked their belongings and enjoyed their first activity.


The Year 6 PGL residential visit to Caythorpe Court leaves on Monday 15th May and returns at the end of the school day on Friday 19th May 2017.  We are looking forward to an exciting and enjoyable trip.