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Years 3 & 4

Years 3 and 4 Curriculum Overview

To begin the year we will be working on a topic called I am Warrior!

During this topic we will focus on the subjects of history and art. We will go on a journey through British history from the Stone Age to the iron and into life during Roman Britain. We will develop our skills as a historian using sources to develop a deeper understanding about the impact our past has on society today. We will also look at the passing of time and chronology as we move through history.

During art we will focus on enhancing our pencil sketching; looking at dark and light tone and the use of different line thickness. We will use our newly developed skills to create drawings of Roman soldiers. We will also be creating a mosaic inspired by Roman artefacts.

Throughout this term we will look at both fiction and non- fiction genres in English lessons. We will develop an understanding of the genre features before practicing each stage of the text and then writing our own finished pieces. We will be reading the Firework Makers Daughter as a class in guided reading as well as a range of other texts to develop our comprehension skills. We will continue to practice our cursive handwriting and have a weekly spelling rule focus.

In maths our main focus will be on place value and understanding the value of numbers when comparing and ordering them. We will also be practicing our basic maths skills from number bonds to finding more or less than a given value.

Within science lessons we will be looking at solids, liquids and gases and the properties they have. We will develop a deeper understanding of the parts of a plant and what they need in order to grow as well as understanding forces by carrying out practical investigations.

In PE we will be working on our fitness and learning the rules to play handyball. This is a mix of netball and basketball. For PE days please come to school wearing your full PE kit including a jumper and tracksuit bottoms if it is a cold day.

Below are the class PE days:

Miss Hunt- Tuesday and Thursday

Miss Saddler- Monday and Thursday

Mrs Lockley- Tuesday and Thursday

 A quick reminder:

provide your child with only essential resources e.g. Reading Book, Spelling Book, Lunch Box (if not having hot meals)

provide your child with a refillable water bottle that is taken home each day for washing

ensure your child has sun protection on prior to coming to school


The adults working in our team are:

Miss Hunt- Zebra class

Miss Saddler- Lion class

Mrs Lockley- Giraffe class

Lorna Smith

Mrs Donald

Sarah Hall

Thank you for your continued support, please contact us if you have any queries.

Here are some things you might want to do at home:

  • Write some number calculations using Roman numerals, for your friends to solve.
  • Look at holiday brochures and online information to find out about modern day Rome as a tourist destination. Which tourist attractions would you like to visit? What is the weather like?
  • Try to find a map of Roman Britain. Find out about some of the names of towns and cities. What are their modern names?
  • Read a book or watch a film on a Roman theme. Write a review.
  • Make a model of a Roman villa using junk materials such as cereal boxes, coloured paper, tin foil and cardboard tubes.