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Years 3 & 4

Years 3 and 4 Overview

This half term our new topic is Flow.

This topic has a Geography theme based on rivers and will include using maps, visiting a local river, planning a journey and learning about the water cycle.

We will also be finding out the features of newspaper articles and writing our own about a disaster. In art we will be using water colours to create abstract artwork themed around water.

The children enjoyed reading and writing nonsense poems last term so next term they are going to use personification to bring water and rivers to life in their own poems using personification.

In maths the focus will be on multiplication, division, area and perimeter and fractions.

Here are some suggested activities you could take part in for home learning

How many songs can you list that mention water or rivers?

Visit a river and test the flow by playing Pooh sticks. It’s easy… just drop a stick from a bridge into the water and let it race your friends’ sticks to the other side!

Draw, paint or take photos of a beautiful river scene.

Make a rain gauge and use it to measure rainfall in your garden.

Put on wellies on a wet day and go on a puddle expedition. See who can find the biggest puddle, then splash through it!

Find out how to save water around your home.

Find out about the local rivers and make a fact file.

Research the rivers of the world- what amazing facts can you find out?

Make a model of the water cycle.

The staff team

The teachers in our team are:

Miss Hunt

Miss Pollendine

Mr Hoten

The Teaching assistants are:

Becky Wickham

Mrs Regan

I love this class because there is always something exciting to do!