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Years 3 & 4

Years 3 and 4 Overview

This half term our topic ‘Predator’ will be science based linked to animals and their survival. We will be learning about food chains and the different diets animals have. We will be exploring different types of predators that live in different environments. After our research we will be writing an information leaflet to share what we found out. We will also be writing a dilemma story based on an aquatic predator. To finish the topic we will be creating our own Ultimate Predator and writing a speech to convince others that their animal is the greatest of them all! Within art we will be working with pastels and water colour to create work based on the different predators we study.

Predators can be found in deserts, jungles, oceans or even in your own back garden! Why not go for a walk and see which animals and plants you can identify? You could also visit a zoo, thinking about which animals are predators and which animals might be their prey. Alternatively, put bird food in the garden to see if you can attract any visitors.

I love this class because there is always something exciting to do!