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Years 3 & 4

I am Warrior!

Welcome to a new school year in Year 3/4.

To begin the year, we will be working on a topic called I am Warrior!

During this topic we will be focusing on History and Art. We will go on a journey through British history from the Stone Age to the Iron and into life during Roman Britain. We will develop our skills as a historian using sources to develop a deeper understanding about the impact our past has on society today. We will also look at the passing of time and chronology as we move through history.

During Art we will focus on enhancing our pencil sketching and creating patterns. We will then use a range of natural beans, with different colours to create a pattern. We will then use printing ink, brayers, and polystyrene tiles to experiment with the process of making a relief print. We will experiment with creating different patterns on our tiles by pushing things into the surface and then making a print in their sketchbooks. For a different effect, we will add flatly glued tissue paper.

Throughout this term we will look at both fiction and non- fiction genres in English lessons. We will develop an understanding of the genre features before practicing each stage of the text and then writing our own finished pieces. We will be writing historical fiction using the Romans as our focus. We are also going to be writing our own poems based on what we did not do during the summer holiday, these will allow us to be creative and imaginative!

In Maths our focus will be on place value and understanding the value of numbers when comparing and ordering them. We will also be practicing our basic maths skills from number bonds to finding more or less than a given value. We will also be revising and learning new times table facts.

Within Science lessons we will be looking at solids, liquids and gases and the properties they have. We will develop a deeper understanding of the parts of a plant and what they need to grow as well as understanding forces by carrying out practical investigations.

In PE we will be playing football and working on dance moves with the theme of chocolate.


Homework will continue to be set on a Thursday and needs to be handed in on a Tuesday. The expectations are:

· Reading with your child, your child reading aloud to you at least 5 times a week

· Maths work every week (up to 30 minutes)

· Learning multiplication table facts -2, 5, 10, 4, 8 and the division facts (Year 3)

· Learning the rest of the multiplication table facts to 12×12 – 3, 6, 9, 7, 11, 12 (Year 4)

· Spellings (weekly)

· Other subjects work throughout the year

Important information

Please only bring essential items to school on a daily basis i.e.: reading book, spelling book, reading diary, lunch box (if not having hot school meals). Pencil cases and equipment are provided in school.

Your child needs a refillable water bottle that is taken home daily for washing before returning to school the next day.

P.E Days

Lions: Monday and Thursday

Giraffes: Thursday and Friday

Zebras: Tuesday and Wednesday

The teachers in Lower Key Stage 2 are:

Miss Hunt – Zebras

Mr Tearle – Lions

Miss Turner- Giraffes

The adults supporting in Lower Key Stage 2 are:

Mrs James, Mr Marshall, Sarah Briggs and Lorna Smith

Supporting Your Child at Home