Science Intent

At Cedars Primary School, we appreciate the pivotal role that a high-quality science education plays in understanding the world around us. Across all year groups, our objective is to cultivate an awareness of how biology, chemistry and physics actively shape our lives and contribute to the future prosperity of the world. Moreover, we recognise the importance of embedding fundamental scientific vocabulary, knowledge, processes and applications into long-term memory. Our curriculum reflects the significance of revisiting, reinforcing and expanding upon information. This strategic approach ensures that students develop a robust understanding of each key block of knowledge, before progressing to the next stage of their educational journey.

At Cedars, science is taught discretely, and we place great importance on the ability of our students to think independently and critically. We encourage them to pose questions that spark scientific inquiry and to cultivate a profound curiosity for the world. Our primary focus is not just on imparting knowledge but on developing the skills necessary for scientific exploration and discovery. Through hands-on practical inquiries, our students develop essential scientific skills, including investigating, questioning, planning, evaluating and concluding. We challenge them to apply these skills with originality, imagination and innovation, fostering connections between science and other subjects to enhance their holistic understanding.


We believe that by nurturing these qualities, we will inspire a genuine love for exploring the world through science. Our overarching intent is to cultivate in our students not just a passing interest, but a lasting passion for science, instilling in them the desire to embark on a lifelong learning journey filled with curiosity, discovery and wonder.

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