Art and Design Intent

At Cedars Primary School and Nursery we want our pupils to develop a love for art in all its variety. We want them to develop a deep understanding of a diverse range of artists, craft makers, designers and architects and recognise how they have impacted our visual world across time. Work is planned to build skills progressively so that our pupils can select and use materials confidently, apply the skills they have learned and work creatively and imaginatively to develop their own work and enjoy the wider opportunities to work cooperatively with others. We want our pupils to see themselves as artists, be self-confident in coming up with their own ideas and to develop the confidence and perseverance to use a range of different art forms.  Pupils will progressively develop language to describe the visual elements and express their personal response to different works of art as well as be able to analyse their own work and that of their peers. We acknowledge that Art influences all corners of our lives and we want our pupils to recognise the creative world as a potential for a future career as artist, designer, or architect. 

This subject is taught in mixed-ages groups, over a two-year cycle, which is relevant to the key stage the pupils are in.