School Staff

Headteacher - Mrs Joanne Goldsmith

Deputy Head - Mrs Claire McGarragh

Teaching Staff

Reception & Nursery

Mrs Bethan James (Early Years Leader)

Early Reading and Teacher Training (ECT Induction Tutor)

Miss Isabelle Armitt (Reception)

PSHE and Mental Health and Well-Being Lead

Mrs Clare Jones (Reception)

Maths and RE

Miss Georgie Turner (Nursery)

Geography and Outdoors

Miss Lilly Crawley (Nursery Nurse)

Key Stage 1

Miss Claire Pollendine (Year 1 & 2 Leader)

Physical Education, Extra-curricular Activities and Music

Mrs Rochelle Stankowski

English and Library

Lower Key Stage 2

Miss Amy Hunt (Years 3 & 4 Leader)

English, RE and Teacher Training

Miss Amber Parker-Routh

EAL, Design and Technology and Pupil Voice

Mr David Tearle


Upper Key Stage 2

Mrs Claire McGarragh (Years 5 & 6 Leader)
Mrs Gemma Lockley


Mrs Susan Burton
Mrs Frances Barton
Mrs Hiraa Shahzad

Special Educational Needs

Mrs Sophie Stuart-Buttle

SENDCo and Looked After Children and Children with Medical Conditions

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Miss Jo Holman

Pastoral and Personal Development

Mrs Lorna Smith

SENA and Medical

Miss Sue Powell

(Level 3 Speech and Language)

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Claire Brown
Miss Pauline Corbett
Miss Karen Wood
Mrs Lucy Donald
Mr Craig Marshall
Mrs Rebecca Waters
Mrs Julia Fox
Mrs Michelle Surman
Mrs Cheryl James
Mrs Steph Woods
Mrs Kirsty Penn

Extended School Day Team

Miss Sue Powell


Mrs Steph Woods


Miss Jo Holman


Mrs Sarah Hall


Mrs Rachael Smith


Mrs Victoria Rew


Administration and Site Staff

Mrs Jade Carter

School Business Manager

Mrs Louisa Swannell

School Secretary

Mrs Harriet Ewing

School Business Support

Mr Paul Truelove

Site Manager

Mr Craig Marshall

IT Technician

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mr Paul Truelove

Communications Leader

Mr Craig Marshall
Ms Tina Varney
Mrs Zoe Ashton
Mrs Rachel Wilkes-Fernandes
Miss Pauline Corbett
Miss Gemma Smith
Mrs Alison Cowling
Mrs Rachel Smith
Mr Lee Rose
Mrs Rebecca Waters
Miss Sue Powell