Personal Development

Personal Development at Cedars

RE – The basis of our RE curriculum is to define and promote a flourishing personal, spiritual and moral character and encourages pupils to think about, and act upon, a growing understanding of their own faith or viewpoint, whilst acknowledging their neighbour’s perspective.


Leadership – Pupil leadership at Cedars enables pupils to participate as active young citizens.  These opportunities promote communication, team building, conflict resolution and self reflection.

*Head boy/Head girl * School Council * Librarians * House Captains * Well-being Champions * Sports Captains

Sports – Our strong core PE programme combined with an array of sporting clubs, tournaments and lunchtime activities fosters an active lifestyle and encourages discipline, resilience and social skills.  The sports curriculum promotes inclusivity, good mental health and confidence.


Experiences – Our curriculum exposes all our pupils to a range of meaningful experiences and encounters that will empower them and appropriately prepare them for their next stage of development.  Our approach ensures that pupils are given the opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge, qualities and character needed to make fully informed decisions about their future, to broaden their aspirations and challenge stereotypes.

*Visits * Residentials* Visitors* Careers* School Tuck shop* Leadership opportunities * Oracy* Gardening and sustainability

The Cedars Way:


Working hard



Keeping safe




Being gentle

The Arts – Our arts education fosters creativity and self-expression.  From music and drama to visual arts and dance we offer a range of activities that encourage our pupils to explore their passions, discover their full potential and find their unique voice. *Choir* Violin* Keyboard* Guitar* Drama* Performances      

PSHE – Our curriculum provides pupils with the skills they need to navigate, participate, stay safe and be happy in the world around them. It teaches pupils the characteristics of good physical health, mental wellbeing,  confidence and independence.



Oracy – Through our oracy curriculum children can engage with others through spoken language.  They are empowered to articulate and expand their ideas, build and evaluate arguments and take ownership of their learning.  By improving their critical thinking skills and extending their vocabulary pupils can engage in democratic discussions.

Pupil Voice – Our weekly “Tell Me Tuesday” question allows all pupils to have a voice at Cedars and to help actively shape the school.