Welcome to Reception, our classes are Panda Bears and Polar Bears.


This term we are 'Exploring Autumn'

In the Exploring Autumn project, your child will learn all about the seasonal changes that happen in autumn. They will learn about birds and animals that live in the woods and how animals adapt as the weather gets colder. They will take part in practical and creative activities that will support them to learn about autumn. They will read fiction and non-fiction books all about this interesting season. They will also explore many different celebrations and festivals that happen in autumn and winter such as Diwali, Bonfire night, Halloween, Hanukkah and Christmas. As the half term progresses, the children will begin to learn about winter and the differences between autumn and winter. They will learn autumn poems and learn a variety of songs ready

Supporting your child at home

  • Go on a walk around your local area and talk about what happens to trees and plants during autumn. Take some pictures to share at school.
  • Collect leaves, seeds, nuts and berries to add to an autumn collection.
  • Make some bird food to feed the birds as the weather gets colder.
  • Share and discuss the ‘Did you know?’ resource below.

    Please fill a bag with Autumn treasures and bring it in to school to show your class. We can’t wait to see what you find!
Areas of LearningEarly Learning Goals
MathsNumber; Numerical patterns
PDGross motor skills; Fine motor skills
PSEDSelf-regulation; Managing self; Building relationships
WorldPast and present; The natural world
Exp A&DCreating with materials; Being imaginative and expressive
CLListening, attention and understanding; Speaking
LiteracyComprehension; Word reading; Writing

Supporting your child at home


Reading with your child at least 5 times a week (please write daily in the yellow reading record book). Please read books you have at home or from the library until children begin bringing reading books home.

We will visit the school library on:
Monday – Panda Bears
Friday – Polar Bears
Please return your child’s library book on the day they will be visiting the library so they can take a new one home.


Autumn term


Please provide your child with only essential resources e.g. reading book and named lunch box (if not having hot meals).

Please provide your child with a named, refillable water bottle that is taken home each day for washing.

We have noticed an increase in children bringing toys from home. We ask that items from home are not brought into school as they can get easily lost or broken.

PE will take place on Tuesday – please send your child to school wearing their PE kit and sport shoes, which they will continue to wear throughout the day.

The adults in Reception are: