Careers Programme/Curriculum

Careers Programme/Curriculum Curriculum

Career-related learning at Cedars Primary School is about broadening a pupil’s horizon, challenging stereotypes and helping them develop the skills and sense of self that will enable them to reach their full potential.

Research shows us that starting career-related learning early is important. Pupils start to adopt stereotypes based on gender, ethnicity and social background from an early age. Such stereotypes can go on to influence career and subject choices.

We want pupils to be curious and inspired about what their futures could hold.  We want them to start to see the connection between the learning they do in school and the world of work, to recognise the importance of their learning, to understand the skills they are developing and how these skills will help them in their future roles.

At Cedars our aims are to embed meaningful careers, enterprise, skills, and employability opportunities from an early age by:

  • developing pupils’ knowledge about work
  • developing pupils’ skills for work life
  • challenging stereotypes formed about careers and the world of work
  • enabling pupils to make the link between what they are learning and the world of work.

Career related learning within our curriculum offer:


There are opportunities in PSHE for teaching and learning about financial capability and economic well-being. The topic ‘Dreams and Goals’ holds most of the explicit lessons on finances, where it looks at enterprise and fundraising, aspirations, jobs and careers. For the younger year groups, learning intentions are focused on perseverance, achieving goals and thinking about what needs to happen now so that things can be better in the future.

For older year groups, the emphasis is more on jobs and careers, and also on supporting others with fundraising, etc. For example, in Year 5, there are lessons on children’s dream jobs and the steps they need to take to get there, what people in a variety of jobs earn and how everyone makes a contribution in society.


Pupils create an understanding of personal finance, saving wisely, credit and debt, keeping money safe and how to budget.

Science, history, geography, computing, art and D&T

 Pupils gain an understanding of jobs and careers in relation to each specific subject through class discussions.

Pupil leadership 

Personal development provides opportunities for wider roles and responsibilities and experience of leadership across the school. This includes Sports and Play leaders, library champions, and Head Boy and Girl.

Workplace visits, visitors and aspiration days

Visits include: local high street stores,  Kilning Me Softly Pottery Painting, MK Recycling Centre, MK Hazard Alley.  Visitors include: the school nurse, the police, local religious figures, musicians and an author.

Careers week

Whole School careers week involves learning about a range of different careers. Visitors, parents and stakeholders are encouraged to talk about their jobs and their own personal career pathway.