Our Governors

Dear Parents/Carers & Visitors,

The Governing Body at Cedars Primary School are delighted and proud of  the way in which the school is managing the delivery of education. The care for the pupils and staff is evident in everything our dedicated staff team do.

Mrs Kate Warren Chair of Governors

Our Governors

  • Mrs Kate Warren  — Chair of Governors
  • Mrs Julie Eldridge — Vice Chair
  • Mr Paul Wilson — Co-opted Governor
  • Mr James Etherton — Parent Governor
  • Mrs Cate Colborn — Parent Governor
  • Mrs Claire McGarragh — Co-opted Governor
  • Mrs Leanne Briers — Staff Governor
  • Mrs Joanne Goldsmith — Headteacher

Our Governing Body

So what does this mean?

A Governing Body has the responsibility for ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction; holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils; overseeing the financial performance of the school; and making sure its money is well spent.

How is this done?

At Cedars the Governing Body meets once a term in full but most of the work is carried out in two main committees, the Teaching and Learning Committee, and the Resources Committee. These groups meet at least once a term with additional meetings held as required.

Governors at Cedars also do much more than this. They can be regular visitors to school, help out in class and be present at school events. They also bring a wealth of life and relevant professional experience from their different personal and career backgrounds, often helping with specific projects and initiatives.

Our Governing Body is made up of:

Parent Governors

Elected by Parents

Staff Representatives

Elected by School Staff

Local Authority Governors

Appointed by Local Authority

Co-opted Governors

Appointed by the Governing Body

The Headteacher

Meet the Governors

James Etherton // Parent Governor

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Leanne Briers // Staff Governor

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Paul Wilson // Co-opted Governor

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Julie Eldridge // Co-opted Governor

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Claire McGarragh // Co-opted Governor

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Cate Colborn // Parent Governor

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Kate Warren // Local Authority Governor

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Circle Method of Governance

The Governing Body of Cedars Primary School is structured in the ‘circle method’ of Governance. This means that all Governors oversee all aspects of the school’s work and meet regularly, every half term to discharge their duties. 

As a school we recognise that a diversity of thought, voices and perspectives is essential to good governance and the effective running of any organisation. We regularly collect diversity information from our governors and, depending on current data, can use this to:

  • target recruitment to address gaps in experience and diversity
  • develop and adapt board practices to ensure full participation
  • prioritise training and awareness-raising in identified areas
  • address potential ‘blind spots’ through seeking wider advice and perspectives on current and upcoming opportunities, challenges and risks


However, we are unable to publish this information as it would mean that individual members of our governing body are identifiable. 



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