Headteacher’s Welcome

Welcome to Cedars Primary School and Nursery...

As the Headteacher, I am very proud of all that we do here at Cedars Primary School and Nursery. 

Our school has two guiding principles, firstly that we pursue the highest academic standards to ensure all our children achieve their full potential. Through our exciting and motivating curriculum, our children soon develop a love of learning and want to achieve their very best. Our second guiding principle is that we are part of a family with a strong ethos of care and support for one another. Children at our school are happy and look after one another. Good manners are always strongly promoted. 

Our guiding principles, supported by our vision and values, help to ensure our children blossom into confident, polite, well-rounded young people who, by the time they move on at the end of their primary years, are proud of their achievements and feel good about themselves. A huge influence on our success is the relentless high standards in all that we do. We have a highly motivated, enthusiastic team of staff who always put the children first.   Children have one chance at their education and we believe they deserve the absolute best.

Deciding on the primary school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make for them. In the seven years your child will be at primary school, not only will the school educate your child academically, it will have a strong influence on their moral and social development. 

Teamwork is a strong theme that runs throughout our school. Effective primary education is a partnership between children, staff and parents. We look forward to working with you to ensure your child is valued as an individual and has a safe, happy and successful time with us. We are committed to all aspects of education and development, encouraging families to work in partnership with us to realise our aim of successfully helping each and every child to achieve their full potential. 

We have an ‘open door’ policy and if there is any information you require that we have not provided on our website, please contact the School Office and we will try to assist you with your query. If you have not yet come to visit us, I hope we will meet in the near future. We would be very proud to show you around Cedars Primary School.


Mrs Joanne Goldsmith  - Headteacher