Aim High Maths Day

25th January 2024

On 25th January 2024 Harvey, Bellamy, Willow, Albert and Mrs Smith visited Long Meadow Primary School to take part in a maths day with other schools from Milton Keynes and maths magician, Liz Gibbs.

The day focussed on problem solving and we had a fantastic time, even though, by the end of the day our brains were packed with numbers (and Albert’s was fried).

We were challenged with puzzles and learnt how to unlock the key to solving them by noticing patterns in their numbers. We were amazed by how easy it was to solve v and x shaped puzzles as well as Chinese magic squares.

The best part of the day was building dinosaurs with multi – link cubes where each colour had a different value. Our dinosaurs had to equal 540 points. We were very proud to complete our dinosaurs before any other school.

We would recommend inviting Liz Gibbs into our school so more of us can be inspired to love solving maths problems.