Instrumental Workshop

17th April 2024 LKS2 were fortunate to have a presentation made by music hub musicians. They played a range of songs, including we don’t talk about Bruno, Sweet Caroline and Remember me. The musicians also talked about the different instrument, showing us viola, violin, drums, trombone, saxophone, clarinet and flute. We were taught which instrument […]

Year 5/6 Building Bridges

26th March 2024 Following on to the ‘Spagetti Bridges’ that Years 5 and 6 built in February. The children used new skills to saw and glue wooden bridges.   Here are some of the results.

Science – Watercycle (Year 3)

26th February 2024 While learning about the water cycle in LKS2, we created actions for all the different stages: evaporation, condensation, precipitation, run off and collection.   After, we created our water cycles in bags using plastic food bags, markers, and water.

Maths – Measuring (Year 3)

12th February 2024 In year 3, we are beginning our new topic on length, looking at measuring in metres, centimetres, and millimetres. Today, we focussed on measuring in metres and centimetres using a range of different resources: rulers, metre sticks, and trundle wheels.   The children have enjoyed measuring and used the following STEM sentences […]

DT – Monsters

26th February 2024 LKS2 have been making monsters which use a pneumatic system to move up and down. We first explored the different pneumatic systems which could be used before designing our monsters’ using thumbnails and exploded diagrams. Our creations could then be made, have a look!

Year 4 Residential Day 2

15th February 2024 A busy first day including fencing, zip wire, archery and a gladiator climb followed by team games after dinner. A good sleep had by all and up early ready for some breakfast.  

Year 4 Residential – Day 1

14th February 2024 After successfully making the beds and having some lunch, we have enjoyed a session of fencing. 

Year 6 – Knife Crime Workshop

13th February 2024 On Tuesday 13th February 2024, Year 6 were visited by an Educational Officer from Hazard Alley Safety Centre who delivered a workshop all about knife crime. The workshop was designed to educate the children all about the dangers of carrying knives and the consequences they could face if caught with a knife […]

Reception Pancake Day

13th February 2024 Reception had the best time celebrating Pancake Day. We learnt all about Shrove Tuesday and had a go at making our own pancakes. We measured out the ingredients, mixed it together and watched as the pancakes cooked in the pan. We learnt about how to be safe around hot pans and developed […]