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Years 3 & 4

Years 3 and 4 Overview

Burps, Bottoms, and Bile!

Next half term the children are going to be going on a journey through the human body. They will be learning about the importance of keeping their body healthy.

The journey will begin in their mouth where they will learn about the different types of teeth and their uses. They will then look at the digestive system and write fantasy stories in role as a piece of food travelling through the body.

The children will be writing letters of complaint about hygiene and the importance of making sure the environment around them is hygienic.

To finish the term, they will be competing to create the most popular, healthy snack pack taking part in planning, researching and receiving votes and feedback for their designs.

Thank you again for your support this term with our production and we look forward to sharing our learning with you at the end of next term.

Have a great Easter break!

Year 3/4 Team

I love this class because there is always something exciting to do!