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Years 3 & 4

This term our topic is ‘Burps, Bottoms and Bile’

During this topic lots of our learning will be based around food and the journey it takes when moving through our bodies.

The focus in Science will be to learn about the digestive system, starting with learning about the different types of teeth and their functions. We will also be revising the parts of a plant and the functions from previous learning.

We will continue this theme in our English work writing fantasy stories as food travelling through the digestive system, arguments linked to healthy teeth as well as poetry.

In Geography we will revise the countries that make up the UK and position in relation to one another using compass points. We will then begin to learn about the coasts, mountains and seas within the UK showing our findings on maps.

In PE we will be making up a dance inspired by the process of making chocolate and using Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to take on different characters. We will also be doing athletics.

To finish our topic in Design Technology we will be using our understating of healthy eating and having a balanced diet to plan, bake and taste test our own savoury muffins.



Due to current circumstances, please only bring essential items to school on a daily basis: Reading book, spelling book, reading diary, homework books and a lunch box (if not having hot school meals).

Please provide your child with a refillable water bottle that is taken home daily for washing before returning to school the next day.

Please ensure your child has a coat and any additional items of clothing such as: gloves, scarf and hat to keep them warm outside on the playground. As we are having to keep windows open in the classrooms due to current circumstances, additional items of clothing under school uniform may be necessary for keeping your child warm at school.

PE Days

Miss Hunt- Tuesday and Thursday

Miss Saddler- Monday and Thursday

Mrs Lockley- Tuesday and Thursday

The teachers in Lower Key Stage 2 are:

Miss Hunt- Zebra’s class

Miss Saddler- Lion’s class

Mrs Lockley- Giraffe’s class

The adults supporting in Lower Key Stage 2 are:

Lorna Smith, Mrs Donald, Sarah Hall and Mr Reynolds


Supporting Your Child at Home