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Years 3 & 4

Years 3 and 4 Overview

During this topic the children will have the opportunity to use their senses to explore different foods and sort them using their own criteria. They will also taste test different fruits and vegetables in preparation for planning and making their own smoothie.

The children will be given existing recipes to scale up and down, weigh out and measure liquids within maths lessons. The children will then make their own smoothie and create an advert to promote their new product. They will need to consider budget, quantities, following and writing instructions and their target audience.

We look forward to inviting you in at the end of term to see our fantastic adverts and hear all about our delicious smoothies.

The staff team

The teachers in our team are:

Miss Hunt

Miss Pollendine

Mr Hoten

The Teaching assistants are:

Becky Wickham

Mrs Regan

I love this class because there is always something exciting to do!