Year 6 – Knife Crime Workshop

13th February 2024

On Tuesday 13th February 2024, Year 6 were visited by an Educational Officer from Hazard Alley Safety Centre who delivered a workshop all about knife crime.

The workshop was designed to educate the children all about the dangers of carrying knives and the consequences they could face if caught with a knife or with someone else who is carrying a knife. The children engaged in scenarios where they had to decide on the most appropriate action to take and role-played what they could say to someone who was trying to get them involved in something they shouldn’t be doing and didn’t feel comfortable with.

The children learned that the criminal age of responsibility is 10 years old and this means that at their age, they could be given a criminal record if they are found with a knife (along with other crimes) or found to be with someone who is carrying a knife. This is known as ‘joint enterprise’. The children ended the session by listening to a story from someone who is currently serving a prison sentence of 7 years for being involved in a knife crime, even though they themselves were not the ones who committed the crime but they were at the scene and knew the other person was carrying a knife (joint enterprise).