Years 1 & 2

Welcome to Years 1 & 2, our classes are Owls and Hedgehogs.


The teachers in Key Stage 1 are:

The adults supporting in Key Stage 1 are:

Learning Topic Flyers

Core Texts

Fiction – Tadpole’s Promise

Poetry – Year 1 - Hungry Birdies, Falling Apples, Shoes

Poetry – Year 2 – A Little Shell and If I Were So Very Small


In the coming weeks we will begin to set homework.

Your child will change their phonics book on a Monday ONLY at the start of the day. They will not need to change them at any other time.

Important information

Don’t forget, that every day the children need: – a re-fillable water bottle, book bag to hold their reading record, spelling book and reading book and their lunch box (if they are not having school dinners).  We have had lots of water bottle spillages from bottles that have lids that need to be completely removed in order to drink from them. If possible, could water bottles have a lid that remains attached for drinking.

Year 1

  • Reading with your child and your child practicing their green and red words
  • Weekly spellings (Year 1 Common Exception Words)
  • Fortnightly Maths activities related to learning

Year 2

  • Reading with your child and your child reading aloud at least 5 times a week
  • Weekly spellings
  • Fortnightly Maths work (up to 20 minutes). PLEASE can homework books come back into school ready for the next set of homework to go out.

PE Days

Please send your child to school wearing their PE kit (they do not need their school uniform to change back into). Long hair should be tied up and no jewellery should be worn – including earrings. Ears that have been recently pierced and cannot be removed will need to be covered.

We will have PE on the following days:

  • Owls – Wednesday and Friday
  • Hedgehogs – Monday and Thursday

Our PE Kit