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Why do leaves go crispy?

Crunch, scrunch and rustle. What’s inside a conker? Why do leaves go crispy?

Let’s find out all about autumn in this exciting seasonal project.

This half term we will hunt for autumnal treasures. In the classroom we will investigate what happens when frozen objects melt. Getting creative, we’ll press leaves into clay to make beautiful impressions, and we’ll trace the patterns on leaves. Things could get messy in our mud kitchen when we use different tools to dig, mix and pour. We’ll also enjoy making marks in the mud. Our maths skills will help us to count conkers, and we’ll use them to make different numbers. Using sticks, we’ll explore lengths and use the language of size. It will be lovely to curl up in the reading corner to enjoy autumnal stories and poetry. After looking closely at seasonal fruits, adults will help us to prepare them. Working together, we’ll collect fallen leaves and have lots of fun playing with them! Using our senses, we’ll explore conkers and acorns, thinking about why they fall in autumn. At the end of the project, we will make a colourful and tasty harvest soup or fruity dessert and read a book about autumn that will encourage us to reflect on our learning.


Areas of learning Early Learning Goals
Communication and language Listening, attention and understanding; Speaking
Physical development Gross motor skills; Fine motor skills
Personal, social and emotional development Building relationships; Managing self; Self-regulation
Literacy Comprehension; Word reading; Writing
Mathematics Number; Numerical patterns
Understanding the world People, culture and communities; The natural world; Past and present
Expressive arts and design Creating with materials; Being imaginative and expressive


Ideas to help at home

Autumn is awesome! Why not go for an autumn walk to play in the leaves? You could also collect natural objects to make a colourful autumnal collage. Alternatively, use recycled materials to make a woodland creature. Fill your bag with Autumn treasures and take photos of your Autumn fun!


Please ensure your child has a coat and any additional items of clothing such as: gloves, scarf and hat to keep them warm outside on the playground. As we are having to keep windows open in the classrooms due to current circumstances, additional items of clothing under school uniform may be necessary for keeping your child warm at school. Children need to bring a named, refillable water bottle that is taken home each day for washing.

PE will take place on Wednesdays – please send your child to school wearing their PE kit.

The teachers in Reception are:

Mrs James – Ladybirds

Miss Armitt and Mrs Jones – Butterflies teachers

The adults supporting in Reception are:

Alison Smith, Sue Powell, Pauline Corbett (supporting across Reception) and Mr Reynolds

Supporting Your Child at Home